We want to help our customers live long, active and healthy lives and that’s why we provide great tasting healthy recipe ideas perfect for picnics, busy families and fussy eaters alike!

Recipe Suggestions

You can find a range of delicious meals and simple-to-cook recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on our dedicated webpage.

No time to cook?

We know. Juggling jobs, family life and work can sometimes leave us little energy left to plan a good meal at the end of the day – so we’ve made it east for you! 

Shop from our COOK range of delicious meals that are homemade straight from the freezer.

Chefs in COOK’s kitchen lovingly peel, chop, simmer and roast every ingredient to ensure all food tastes as good as it looks. They’ll tell you, in fact, you’ll find the name f the chef who cooked each batch on the label of each meal.

There’s nothing processed here – just great ingredients, sustainably sourced with produce you’d find in your kitchen cupboard at home.

Pop into your local Welcome store and see what’s for tea!