We respect and understand  the part our business has to play in our environment – and that’s why we’ve taken a sustainability pledge. 

Wherever possible, Welcome stores will always try to source locally supplied produce – not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, we like to help out other small businesses too!

You may have also seen our plastic-free stations in our Brockenhurst and Fair Oak stores. This enables customers to only shop for what they need so that it reduces food waste and encourages the re-using of plastic containers. 

We have also supported a local author and started to set up a plastic awareness module with local schools.

Food Waste is one of our biggest focus areas, limiting the amount which is thrown in the bin on a daily basis, the focus has been on tighter controls and ordering. Our system orders what we expect to supply to customers and has proven an asset in 2020 in keeping food waste to a minimum. In addition any waste which now leaves does so with a new return process to Co-op, General waste and Food wastes are separated on return along with our Cardboard and Plastic recycling which was already in place.

Take a look at our Energy page to help understand where we look to be more efficient for us and the environment.

 You may have also seen some of these labels displaying the “Welcome Project” when shopping in store. 

If you spot one of these, it means you are buying one of our 1,000 sustainable alternative lines which are made up of:

  • 375 locally sourced products
  • 128 plastic-free items
  • 506 environmentally friendly lines – which include recycled, recyclable, responsibly sourced, meat free, organic and biodegradeable