On Saturday afternoon, we gave a very berry welcome to Laura from New Forest Fruit at our Brockenhurst store! Not only did customers and staff get to try a tasty new treat, but we also heard about all the environmentally friendly methods used at New Forest Fruit.

Laura from New Forest Fruit at our Brockenhurst store

Environmentally friendly business      

Based in Beaulieu, New Forest Fruit has grown strawberries on the same site for over 15 years. Sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of the decisions made. One method used is specially designed sensors placed within the strawberry crops. These sensors indicate the humidity, temperature, and moisture levels of tunnels. The information provided allows the team to adjust the conditions within the tunnels, and as a result, the plants are healthier, which helps to reduce wastage.

A brand-new healthy summer snack

The summer is officially strawberry season, and there’s nothing better than enjoying deliciously sweet berries! However, there’s also a demand for dried fruit as a healthy ‘on-the-go’ snack alternative. This is something New Forest Fruit has considered, and as a result, launched a new product – called Pulsed Dried Strawberries.

The best thing about this product is – no added sugar or preservatives, only strawberries grown on the farm. These can be crushed and sprinkled over cereal or used in baking. Plus, pulsing splits the cells of the strawberry, so the berry can rehydrate and is ideal for infusing in drinks such as sparkling water or a celebration glass of prosecco! If that wasn’t enough, the packets are 100% compostable – so you can give a little back to nature too.

Summer picnic inspiration

The summer holidays are right around the corner, and if you are planning a picnic this summer, why not add this delicious, healthy, and nutritious alternative? The new range by New Forest Fruit Snacks is available now at your Welcome store – have you tried them yet?

Aligned business goals

At Welcome Stores, we work hard to use as many eco-friendly practices as possible, which is also achieved by being involved in several local initiatives. This work also allows us to support other businesses, like New Forest Fruit, to do the same. Pop into your local branch to hear more.