In a world that’s increasingly embracing sustainability and conscious consumer choices, BottleUp is Welcome Store’s latest supplier to be on board and doing its bit for sustainability.

A Sustainable Vision

Emerging in 2019, and just a matter of weeks before the global pandemic gripped the world, BottleUp has not only thrived but also significantly contributed to a greener, more sustainable future.

It’s no secret that bringing single-use plastics under control is high on everyone’s agenda. So, it will be of very little surprise to know that the company was born to provide a reusable, sustainable solution in the “on-the-go” water category and to support a noble cause at the same time.

An attractive position

If you’ve stepped inside your local Welcome store recently, you may have noticed BottleUp’s attractive bottles in our chillers. The company prides itself on being able to change these colours on a whim, according to what the market’s preferences are at the time.

But these are not just a colourful addition to our shelves; BottleUp commits to generating donations for their water partner, Made Blue. Every purchase of a BottleUp bottle contributes to providing clean drinking water to communities in developing countries.

Conscious partnerships

This partnership between BottleUp and Made Blue demonstrates the company’s dedication not only to environmental sustainability but also to social responsibility – the perfect pairing for us here at Welcome Stores.

In fact, BottleUp has found an ideal partnership with Welcome Stores, which aligns perfectly with our sustainability ethos. We’ve done things like reduce single-use plastics, even introducing plastic-free stations to our Brockenhurst and Fair Oak stores, and limit the amount of food waste we produce, as well as using less energy in our stores and recycling more.

We also do our bit to support local businesses, as we realise by doing this we are supporting our local economy, and jobs, and by sourcing local produce we are reducing our carbon footprint.

What sets us apart?

Similarly, BottleUp is produced and filled in the UK. By producing and filling its bottles in the United Kingdom, BottleUp significantly reduces its carbon footprint and supports local industries.

Also, what’s pretty cool about BottleUp is that the bottles are made from sugar cane, replacing traditional oil-based plastics with a renewable resource.

Excitingly, BottleUp has announced a new product for 2024: a 330ml bottle to complement their standard 500ml offering.

Challenges and Solutions

Running a business in the competitive market of sustainable products is not without its challenges.

BottleUp acknowledges this and says its main hurdle is competing with cheaper single-use alternatives. However, they try and combat this by offering competitive pricing and hope that their target market already wants to do more to reduce their carbon footprint – so they focus heavily on the story-telling aspect of their business to communicate the value of their products, making it easier for consumers to make the environmentally responsible choice.

Have you tried BottleUp yet?

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