We love a tummy-filling winter warmer at this time of the year – and who better to provide that full-feeling than our new supplier Potts sauces.


Customers who are already familiar with Potts sauces may have spotted they mostly come in cans. At the start of 2023, following the successful stock-in-a-can range which launched 2020, Potts began a range of sauces in cans, with the hope for even more to come in 2024.

Not only is this a great way to give the product the edge, the cans are recyclable and fit in much better with Potts’ rounded sustainability ethos. The company’s environmental pledge is centred around the reduction of single use plastic. Potts is constantly working to improve the packaging of products to make them 100% recyclable across the range.

In fact, the canned range has saved nearly nine tonnes of single use plastic and created a completely recyclable product that looks and tastes great.

A Welcome partnership

They began by moving away from single use plastics and using resealable pouches initially, and are now working towards more recyclable materials such as aluminium cans and glass jars – and it was a great move.

And of course, reducing single use plastics is something we at Welcome are passionate about – and we work hard to do our bit.

“Welcome stores share our proactive standard when it comes to the environment and taking care of OUR planet” said James Foley, Sales Manager at Potts Partnership.

“We must all do our best to create a sustainable environment for future generations and we are thrilled that Welcome stores have set their own sustainability goals to reduce food and single use plastic waste.

“We are proud to be part of the 506 environmentally friendly lines stocked at Welcome.”

On the gravy-train

The environmental pledge was important to Potts right from the off – and it has been ingrained in the business since its beginnings in late 2007. Since then, the family business has grown from a family kitchen employing the two founders, to a production and warehouse facility in Swindon employing 45 people locally.

But it is not just the eye-catching packaging and a strong environmental policy that makes Potts sauces so successful – James also attributes the success to always keep moving and not resting on your laurels.

“We stand out because we never stop working on new products” James said. “We push boundaries and look to start trends that not only grab attention, but also look to fulfil a social need. Plus, we always stick together as a team and push ourselves to find creative solutions to ensure we are packing recyclable packaging with great tasting products. It can be very challenging at times, but the things that are worth doing are normally seldom easy.”

A full range of Potts sauces are now in stock at your local Welcome store.

For more information head to www.pottspartnership.co.uk