If you’ve sampled our very own Welcome brew – the “Co-Hop Welcome Back” hazy pale ale, then the chances are you’ve come across our latest Supplier Spotlight already!

Set up in the wake of the pandemic on May 17th 2021, Powder Monkey Brewery has quickly “hopped” up the favourites list among our local customers – and we can see why.

Hear about all things craft, collaboration and – pigs! – from our chat with the gang. Cheers!

All in the name

We had to ask, where did the name Powder Monkey come from? It turns out, the Brewery’s co-founder, Andy Burdon, discovered the building where the brewery now operates back in 2019. Previously it was an historic naval gunpowder store in Priddy’s Hard, Gosport.

Despite the store being dark, derelict and empty for more than 50 years, Andy’s vision was bright and he wanted to create a brand that kept the building’s history alive. The name Powder Monkey was born – a name that relates to the boys who would have carried gunpowder to the guns on board ships.

Brewing success

Andy then recruited Mark Hamblin as Head Brewer, and together, they spent many hours developing the working side of the brewery and its equipment, until its first beers were brewed in 2021.

Since opening the brewery, Powder Monkey has doubled its capacity thanks to investment in more tanks for its craft beers. Today, it works as a production facility, but visitors can also make use of the new visitor’s centre, shop and tasting bar.

What was their secret to early success? Marcus Hunt from the sales team said: “The brewing world is quite collaborative, which means we can work together and share ideas through a mutual passion to make the best beers people can buy.”

Far from all at sea

It is this working together attitude that Powder Monkey also sees as ways of navigating (if you’ll pardon the nautical pun!) any rough waters (sorry!).

Marcus continues: “Of course there are challenges, like there are in any business. But, the great thing about collaborating is that you can identify problems as they come along and tackle them head-on. Usually someone else out there has dealt with a similar situation – or they warn you that something might become an issue.

“We learn as we grow, take advice from others, adapt and overcome!”

Nautical themes

The name itself is a great way of keeping the brewery’s building alive – but so too are the goods within.

“We’ve recently launched a new Pilsner called Bravo Zulu” Marcus said. “It’s an old naval term someone would say, which means ‘well done’.

“There’s also the Drunken Sailor and, our best-selling beer, Drop Anchor. That’s a great one for someone who’s just getting into craft beer and taking their first sips!”

A Welcome addition

Welcome stores sell plenty of local products to our customers so that they can sample the delights of what’s on offer right on their local doorstep. We also understand that by supporting local businesses, it brings growth to the economy and supports jobs.

Not only do we see the economic benefits of supporting local, Welcome stores see it as “doing our bit” towards reducing our carbon footprint too!

“It’s great to see Welcome stores onboard with supporting local suppliers” Marcus added. “There’s always a friendly face when we deliver and it’s great how Welcome supports not just us but so many great, local suppliers!”

Welcome stores in turn like how committed Powder Monkey is to the local community – something that is well-aligned with ourselves.

“We love being out and about in the community at different events, meeting people who may not have heard of us or tried our beers, telling our story and sharing our passion for craft beer!” Marcus added.

And, just as aligned with Welcome stores’ commitment to reducing food waste, nothing is wasted when it comes to the brewing process – as the spent grain is picked up by a local farmer who feeds it to his pigs!

So what’s next for Powder Monkey?

“Apart from the Drunken Sailor, which contains lactose,  all our beers that we make are Vegan friendly” says Marcus. “However, we’d really like to expand our Gluten-free range and there are a couple of beers being trialled soon – so watch this space!”

Check out the range of craft beers on offer from Powder Monkey brewery at your local Welcome store.

For more information, head to powdermonkeybrewing.com