Year 3 pupils at Brockenhurst primary are the first to take part in our new Eco Project!

We encouraged our talented local author, Susie Laan to write us a children’s book about plastic waste and litter, to help educate children of all ages. Susie delivered and ’00 Tree, Secret Agent of the New Forest’ was born! We donated the books to Year 3 students at Brockenhurst Primary, who created their very own 00 Tree made of collected, dumped plastic waste to remind everyone to pick up their litter, cut back on single use plastics and recycle. The pupils also wrote to their local MP to encourage more to be done about plastic waste in their community. A fantastic job done by Year 3 Snow Leopards class! You can see their fantastic tree on display in our Brockenhurst store, and Susie’s book is on sale in our stores now! All proceeds of the book sales go to Wildlife Conservation.